Giuseppina Magazine

Our Background:

 Information: Founded in March of 2010, Giuseppina Magazine is an alternative avant garde print publication dedicated to highlighting the "beauty" and "diversity" in fashion, art, and culture within a varying range of thematic and conceptual explorations. Each individualistic issue is designed to showcase a unique perspective, including features from both emerging and established independent talent by exposing their artistry. We strive to consistently challenge frequent contributors to think outside of the box, and hope to take our readers down a new exciting path and into another world time and time again. There is not another magazine around like us. As a result our target audience breaches both the fashion and art industries and has one of the most drastically unique world-wide readerships. Our popular demographic includes major cities throughout the United States and also reaches Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, France, New Zealand as well as Russia, Spain, Croatia, Israel, Belgium and more.

As a former bi-monthly publication, Giuseppina Magazine transitioned into a quarterly publication in 2011 while focusing on the magazine's expansion by increasing content-flow and volume by nearly 50%. In 2012 the magazine faced several ups and downs and as a result published their issues inconsistently. In its current state, the magazine is now printed monthly sometimes in volumes. Giuseppina Magazine entered the online self-publishing world prior to its peak, and was one of the first alternative print-on-demand publications to join the pioneer self-service printing site Magcloud while still in beta. Magcloud has allowed Giuseppina Magazine to offer quality paper-back copies without the costly out-of-pocket expenses of printing issues in limited-run units. As a result, all back issues are endlessly available yearly online via the Magcloud web-store found here: In March of 2013, Giuseppina Magazine was sought by Betterpress, a publishing company for the iPad who later launched Giuseppina Magazine's first app for the iPad Newsstand. In result of this successful collaboration, Giuseppina Magazine was previously available in iTunes. The magazine is currently working toward funding the publication in hopes of selling in stores world-wide. Additionally seeking sponsorship. For further information or questions regarding Giuseppina Magazine please inquire with us. 

History: Giuseppina Magazine is named after "Giuseppina Paparone De Luca", who is the late Great Grandmother of the magazine's founding editor. Giuseppina immigrated to the United States from Capo d'Orlando, Sicily to Ellis Island, New York and later settled near Atlantic City, New Jersey. She was a vibrant, passionate, and creative soul who worked as a seamstress creating military uniforms for U.S. soldiers. She was a great inspiration, someone who bravely faced adversity and advocated for herself. She possessed an extraordinary wisdom for someone with an elementary education. Loved by many, this publication was named in remembrance of her.

Facts: The origins of the name Giuseppina, gi(u)-seppi-na, gius(ep)-pina\, pronounced: (jyoo sep PEE nah) is of Italian and Hebrew decent; its considered a more feminine version of it's masculine counterpart, "Giuseppe". The English translation is equivalent to the French name, "Josephine". In essence, the magazine's true title is Josephine Magazine. The slogan/subtitle "Beautiful & Diverse" was chosen after receiving countless reviews and commentary from our readership who continuously labeled Giuseppina Magazine as a beautiful publication that features a diverse range of talent and content.