7 Things Highly Successful Bloggers Do

Want to join the list of the world’s most successful bloggers who are making money blogging?

Having the knowledge of how to start a blog, write a blog post and do SEO is not enough. You need more than that to become a successful blogger.

Highly successful bloggers do 7 things and they do them well.

If you can make these 7 things part of your habits, you’ll surely become a successful blogger and your blog could be worth over a million dollars within a short period of time.

How would you feel if you can quit your day job and work from anywhere in the world at any time that pleases you?

Successful blogging gives you the freedom to live your life how you want. It makes you famous. And before you know it, you’ll start getting mentioned on your favorite TV and Radio stations. Many newspapers and magazines around the world will also pick up your story. These are just some of the goodies that come with being a successful blogger.

You need a fast, secure, and reliable web host (I recommend SiteGround), a premium magazine-looking WordPress theme at StudioPress, a catchy name for your blog, a good writing skill, plus doing the 7 things you’ll discover in this article.

So, what are these 7 things successful bloggers do?

#1: Highly Successful Bloggers Focus on Being Productive

Successful bloggers always strive to improve on their pasts. They go further, do better and do more. If you really want to take your new blog to the next level your established competitors still can’t reach, this is something you must do.

The problem is that most new bloggers spend their time sending and answering emails, doing instant messaging and agreeing to meet any blogger that approaches them.

Networking with other bloggers or people is good, but what matters is you’re more productive than your competitors.

What are the tasks that will help you move ahead of the competition?

Stuff like link building, article writing, and social shares.

Link building moves your blog higher up in search engines. The more quality links you get, the higher your blog will rank above other competing blogs.

The more articles you publish on your blog, the more search engines, and people will start taking your blog serious.

The more shares you get on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, the more your blog will spread and the more influential you become.

I value these 3 tasks highly and I recommend every new blogger to focus most of their blogging efforts on them.

#2: Highly Successful Bloggers Get Help

They’re limits to what a single individual can do. You can’t have all the skills required to build a successful blog. You’ll still need outside help.

When you do stuff where you lack enough knowledge, you could waste the whole day on a single task and nothing worthwhile is accomplished at the end of the day.

For example, trying to design your blog logo by yourself when you have little or zero skill in Photoshop is a total waste of time.

Trying to remove unwanted code from your WordPress theme is also not advisable when you’re not skilled in HTML.

Doing trivial tasks will prevent you from focusing on the blogging tasks that really matter.

You should get some talented minds to doing things for you instead of wasting your precious time trying to do everything yourself.

You can create a logo contest for designers at 99designs. You can also hire WordPress experts to customize your themes and remove unwanted features. It won’t cost you much.

You can’t always do the research for your articles. You can hire some Virtual Assistants to help you dig up some cool stats you’ll like to include in your article.

Getting some help will let you have more time to concentrate on the important tasks that will help you become a successful blogger.

#3: Highly Successful Bloggers Follow a Routine

Successful bloggers can’t do without their daily routines. It gives them a sense of structure and familiarity. It also organizes their lives in such a way that makes sense to everybody who knows them.

When you get up from bed, you already know what’s next. And once you complete a task, you know which is next. You do this until the day is over. Successful bloggers live their lives this way.

Following routines help you form lots of good habits. It also increases your efficiency and builds your blogging momentum.

Assuming you’ve made it a habit to write 2,000 words per day, it means you’ll have written approximately 60,000 words by the end of the month. 60,000 words thousand is a lot. If you do that for a whole year, you’ll have written 730,000 words. I think this practice ensures your blog readers keep getting quality content on a regular basis.

The more you follow a particular routine, the more you get better at the task. You’ll find out that by writing on a daily basis, you’ll begin to write much better and faster.

#4: Highly Successful Bloggers Follow a Schedule

Successful bloggers don’t just post new content when they feel like. They follow a content publishing schedule.

It will be hard for your blog readers to understand your messages when you have no content schedule in place.

Some bloggers call it editorial calendar.

What an editorial calendar does is it lets you build trust in your readers over the long-term with a series of contents. This is opposed to the idea of making quick sales with just one piece of content.

There are probably lots of blogs in your niche. To compete with them, you need a very effective editorial calendar that will keep people coming back to read your blog.

Want to learn how to create a robust editorial calendar? HubSpot has a great guide here. I recommend you read it.

#5: Highly Successful Bloggers Know Their Best Times for Creativity and Productivity

You can’t just get on the computer at any time you feel like writing. They’re times of the day when you tend to be more creative and productive. This is the time you should be writing.

What is the best time to write?

Successful bloggers say they’re more creative and productive after they wake up from the bed. Studies have shown that this is true.

We have the most willpower in the morning after we wake up. You should be aware that willpower is a limited resource that slowly burns out during the day.

We’re more creative in the morning. Creativity has been recognized to be at the highest levels during and immediately after sleep.

We also tend to be in a good mood after getting up from the bed. This sets the stage for writing.

Studies also show that evening can be a good time for some people to write.

I think this may apply to part-time bloggers who do other sorts of work during the day.

The evening is the time when you can open your computer and write knowing that nobody will distract you. Your experience during the day can also inspire your creativity and help you write better in the evening.

So what time of the day works best for you?

Morning or evening?

Successful bloggers know when they’re more creative and productive, and they write during that time alone.

#6: Highly Successful Bloggers Listen to What Their Audience Are Saying

Blogging isn’t about publishing a piece of content because you feel it’s the best at a particular moment. Blogging is about addressing people’s current needs.

How do you recognize your readers’ needs?

Through listening tools like forums, social media, blog comments, questions and answers sites, and surveys, you’ll learn the current needs people have. Having this information will help you create and design content your readers will like.

For example, you can go check one of your competitor’s most popular posts and see what their readers are saying in the comments.

Your competitors may be too busy to answer those comments or unable to write articles that address the questions people are raising on their blogs. When this happens, it gives you an opportunity to come in and fulfill those needs. You can go and create a good piece of content, go back to that comment and refer the reader to your new blog post.

This type of activity is what keeps highly successful bloggers thriving despite increasing competition online.

You can do the same thing. Instead of just publishing content on your blog, you should be listening to what your readers are saying. Publish content that answers your readers’ questions and you’ll become a successful blogger.

#7: Highly Successful Bloggers Have Objectives

Successful bloggers don’t just blog. They have a valid reason why they blog. This reason is what keeps them writing every single day.

Your blog should have a purpose.

When you visit blogs like Noah Kagan’s OkDork, Neil Patel’s QuickSprout and the Buffer blog, it’s easy to see the reason why these blogs exist in the first place.

Noah Kagan wants your email which becomes part of his next marketing move.

Neil Patel regularly publishes new content on his blog and you’ll see this banner on his homepage.

He also has this banner on the sidebar of his blog.

These should tell you the reason why he’s blogging.

The buffer blog is run by talented writers. You can see the reason why they’re blogging. They display this under each article published on the blog.

Why are you blogging?

Is it to make money from affiliate products, create more awareness for your e-commerce store, or get more users for your iPhone app?

You should write down your purpose for blogging before you write a single blog post for your blog.


Blogging is a great way to generate regular income online.

You don’t need a big capital to start blogging. What you need is the ability to write compelling contents people will like to read.

Don’t forget that hosting your blog with the right web host is very important. SiteGround (aff link) offers a reliable, secure, fast, and cheap Webhosting service. You’ll get up to 50% discount if you sign up today.

Tell me the challenges you think are preventing you from becoming a highly successful blogger. I’m waiting for you in the comments.

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